Berberine Hydrochloride


Product name: Berberine Hydrochloride
Alias: “umbellatine; 5,6-dihydro-9,10-dimethoxybenzo[g]-1,3-benzodioxolo[5,6-a]quinolizinium

Plant source: Berberine is usually found in the roots, rhizomes, stems, and bark
CAS: 2086-83-1
molecular formula: C20H18ClNO4
molecular weight: 336.36
Active ingredient: Berberine Hydrochloride
Detection method: HPLC
Specifications: 0.97
Package: 25KG/ barrel
Product status: Yellow powder
pharmacological action: Antiarrhythmia,Diabetes, dyslipidemias and cardiovascular conditions,Congestive heart failure,Transplants,Cancer,Mental health,Intestinal disorders,HIV/AIDS
melting point 145°C
Solubility in water: slowly soluble