Huperzine A

Product name: Huperzine A
Alias: Haboyin;Selagine
Chemical name: (1R,9S,13E)-1-Amino-13-ethylidene-11-methyl-6-azatricyclo[,7]trideca-2(7),3,10-trien-5-one
CAS: 102518-79-6
molecular formula: C15H18N2O
molecular weight: 242.32
Detection method: HPLC
Specifications: 1%,5%,98%
Package: 25KG/ barrel
Product status: Yellow brown powder
pharmacological action: Huperzine A is as a dietary supplement with claims made for its ability to improve memory and mental function.Huperzine A may also have a possible role in the treatment of myasthenia gravis.
melting point 217 to 219°C